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N.O.R.K. - Yell Out(Lady Citizen Disco Dub Mix).

Made a new ver. of N.O.R.K. - N.O.R.K. - Yell Out’s remix.
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Sun Glitters Scattered Into Light Japan Tour 2014


9/11 @ Kyoto Metro

9/12 @ Osaka Circus


Sun glitters Japan Tourが国内主要オンライン音楽メディアで取り上げて頂いております。Lady Citizenはツアー全日程でツアーDJを務めますので是非お越し下さい!

9.11 @ 京都 Metro

9.12 @ 大阪 Circus

9.14 @ 東京 Fever

Tour 情報掲載メディア

Public Rhythm:



Peak Silence:


Refsign magazine Kyoto:

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Forthcoming Lady Citizen DJ & gigs schedules.

09/11: Sun glitters Japan tour with Yosi Horikawa @ Metro, Kyoto
09/12: Sun glitters Japan tour with Yosi Horikawa @ Circus, Osaka
09/13: Tahichi @ Club Chitt”A”ttic, Kawasaki
09/14: Sun glitters Japan tour with Yosi Horikawa @ Fever, Tokyo
09/14: em @ The Room, Tokyo
09/23: TBA @ Earl’s bar, Kyoto 
09/26: TBA(Lady Citizen live set) @ TBA, Osaka
10/04: Nagisa Music life @ Otu
10/04: Nagisa Music Life after party @ Club Move, Otu
11/22: Loscil/Arovane Japan tour @ Circus, Osaka
11/24: Loscil/Arovane Japan tour @ Metro, Kyoto

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Much influenced by Shoegazer, Japanoise, Noise electronica.
The track tastes like The Jesus and Mary Chain × Fennesz × Cuushe.

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DJ booking, Remix offers are welcome.
Contact: ladycitizen69[at]

some LC’s DJ mixes are available on Beatport mixes.

Lady Citizen is tour supporting Sun glitters “Scattered into light Japan tour 2014”. We are playing 3 Cities like Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo. See you there!

Tour info:
Sep 11th Metro, Kyoto
Sun Glitters / Yosi Horikawa / Lady CItizen / Yusuke Sadaoka / 小山内信介
Sep 12th Circus, Osaka
Sun Glitters / Yosi Horikawa / Metome / Lady CItizen / Magical Mistakes / keiburger
Sep 14th Fever, Tokyo
Sun Glitters / Yosi Horikawa / LisM a.k.a Go Hiyama / N.O.R.K. / Lady CItizen / Earthquake Island

More details:

Sun Glitters Japan Tour Promo Mix By Lady Citizen
Track list:1. Piper / Aldo
2. Don’t Remain the Same / Dego, Kaidi
3. Calling You / Magical Mistakes
4. Butterfly (Kidsuke Remix) / Cuushe
5. Cook From South / Yosi Horikawa
6. Offense / N.O.R.K.
7. This Sound / Ooft
8. North Shore - Idjut Boys Version / Cantoma
9. Cold As Ice - Louie Fresco Remix / Modern Amusement
10. Ease Out - The Revenge Edit / Mid Air
11. Drop Out Theme / Drop Out Orchestra
12. Look At The Sun (Prins Thomas Sweet Surprise Mix) / Seahawks
13. This Girl - Canyons Dub / Tortoiseshell
14. Foreign Language feat. Jess - Drop Out Orchestra Remix / Flight Facilities
15. Orympia Rocks / Altz
16. Time and Time / Ilija Rudman
17. Hot Hands / Darius
18. Watch Out / Bufi, La Royale
19. Bird Of Prey / Karma Kid
20. Water Cycle / Metome
21. Butterflies / Leon Vynehall
22. Adventure Party / globe
23. Yell Out - Lady Citizen Re-Disco Dub Mix / N.O.R.K.
24. Make You Feel / Alina Baraz & Galimatias
25. Closer To The Sun / Sun Glitters
26. Sometimes (Sun Glitters Rework Feat. Rob Boak) / My Bloody Valentine

Free download:

DJ booking, Remix offers are welcome.
Contact: ladycitizen69[at]

some LC’s DJ mixes are available on Beatport mixes.

August 23rd: Lady Citizen DJ set @ Garage Paradise, Yamaguchi(JPN).

Creative2Creation promotion mix

Party info. 
DOOR/ 2,000yen with 1drink 
Happy Hour 21:00-22:00/ 1,500yen with 1drink 
Venue/ GarageParadise 
山口県周南市銀南街63 サンプラザビル5F

■Special Guest DJ 
Lady Citizen from Osaka

■Sound Maker -LIVE- 

pkt.sugi[Brown Record] 

■Live Paint 

■Light & Smoke 

■Space Decoration 
MAKI, MOE, AI[Theme/森]

■Drink Maker 
Hiroshi, Yuri[オリジナルカクテルアリマス]

■Finger Food 
west villageより愛を込めて

Yuki Hiraku, Ai Nishimura, and Hiroshi Watanabe

■Happy Floor Maker 

New track”B’s Big Smile”.

Wanna cheer up my dearest friend….

Show me your big smile.

Some new DJ shows are now on my RA artist page. Check the link, please!!

Some new DJ shows are now on my RA artist page. Check the link, please!!